Paradox Studio Black,                             2021-current
Experienced Animator:     Crudsader Kings 3/Victoria 3 (PC)
· Took over all animation and implementation on project.
· Added several seconds of introductory acting animations to events, that previously were just static idles.
· Worked with programmers and designers on reworking the animation pipeline.

SkyMill Studios,                                2019-2020
  Freelance Animator:     Kindred Fates (PC/Nintendo Switch)
  ·Attack animations only

Studio Roqovan, Tarzana, CA                     2015-2018

Lead Animator:   World War Toons (PS4/PSVR)
· Managed a small group of artists.
· Developed animation schedules for various milestones.
· Created VR, Non-VR, first and third person character animations.
· Worked with programmers and designers on implementing timing, blending, and syncing of animations

Carbine Studios (NCSoft), Aliso Viejo, CA            2007 – 2014

Character Animator:   Wildstar Online (PC)
·Created Player Character, NPC, Creature animations.
·Key framing over 2800 animations.
· Created new warrior combo and 5 medic attack animations weeks before gold master due to forum feedback.
·Created a visual language to quickly describe telegraph combat. (Document link) ·
Lead development of Hoverboard mount in spare time. (Video link)
·Concieved of a geometry based fx system that eliminated lag from affecting weapon trails.
·Created run speed tool so that animators could match footfalls.
·Helped create and iterate on box cover art with various static character poses and geometry..

Collision Studios , Venice, CA                    2006-2007

Character Animator     300: March to Glory.
· Designed and created 60+ attack animations for King Leoniades in 3 months with character studio.
· Helped develop player input method that has 2 interupt frames for better player control.
·Took over a project that was not meeting Sony concept approval for animation standards to a shipped "Greatest hits" PSP title.
· Animated various bosses and half of the enemy NPC's.

Capcom Studio 8 , Sunnyvale, CA                  2004 -2006

Associate 3d Artist/Animator   Final Fight: Streetwise.
· Animated 11 enemy characters
· Worked with various SCRUM teams for boss battles and enemy characters.
· Cleaned up existing animation data to work with new characters.
· Used Maya and Photoshop to light and render models for game manual.


Maya, Softimage, 3d max, character studio, Photoshop, Unreal 4


The Art Institute of California, Orange County Santa Ana, CA
Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation